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Up to 30% off 🗝️ unlocked for this Christmas 🎄

[ROKR]The Robot

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A working, wooden robot based on Leonardo da Vinci's creation


Leonardo da Vinci loved robots and built them to entertain his friends and even Kings and Queens.

Da Vinci's Drawnaton is based on Leonardo's Robot Knight, built around 1495, which is considered to be history's first robot.

The Robot Knight could perform many actions, such as shaking hands, playing the drums and could even hug an amused guest. But it was also rumored that the robot had another specical could draw a picture.


Many consider da Vinci's robots to be the oldest examples of an early proto-computer because they contained hardware, the robot itself, and software,wooden cams, which were read-only and interchangeable. Leonardo called these wooden cams"petals" because tehy reminded him of the petals of a flower.

A set of programming petals for Da Vinci's Drawmation stores 1 kilobit of pre-defined motion data. When the petals complete one full rotation, information is sent down the robot's arm and into the hand, which draws a picture.

Assembled Size: 400*300*82mm

Material: Plywood

92 pcs

Recommended age 14+